Aside from our IT Products and Solutions, we also offer value-added services and solutions for our partners and customers.

IT Consultancy Services

We provide IT Consultancy Services in the areas of IT procurement, network design, systems integration, upgrades and migration. As our client, your technology needs become our responsibility so that you can focus on your core business.

Preventive Hardware Maintenance

To boost system performance and increase the longevity of your computer, we provide cleaning, basic troubleshooting, and corrective maintenance for your IT/computer equipment.

Hardware Failure Analysis

Hardware and software failures are among the most costly forms of losses, costing a company a significant amount of time and money.

Enhanced Service Level Agreement

In today's corporate world, when managed services are frequently outsourced, developing a clear, official document defining the conditions of an agreement between the customer and service provider is crucial to laying the groundwork for a long-term, trusting partnership.

Warranty Upgrade/ Extension

Extend your product warranty beyond typical parts and labor coverage, giving your customers additional protection for their whole house or facility.

User Training on Product's Basic Features and Troubleshooting

Training your employees to be experts in the technology being used increases their productivity by nearly 40% and allows them to reach your digital transformation goals more quickly.

System Integration

With Northgate's expertise, experience and partnerships with industry leaders, we can make system integration your business advantage.

Customized Support Engagement

When a customer repeatedly chooses to do business with you, it’s because your product adds value to their professional or personal lives, and because your customer service has left a positive impression to the client.

IT Staffing

As technology has become a critical component of to a company's success, the need for qualified IT candidates has skyrocketed. IT staffing presents several distinct problems across organizations due to the fast-paced and highly technical nature of the sector.

Helpdesk Support

We offer staff by a team of qualified specialists which is a vital components of good IT operations, and correct recording and processing of end-user assistance requests is crucial.

Technology Update

After your product has been acquired, Northgate Technologies offers hardware/software upgrades, allowing you to gain new levels of system flexibility and productivity without having to spend additional money on a new replacement.

Comprehensive/ Non-Comprehensive Hardware Maintenance

Business operations rely heavily on equipment performance and capacity reliability. With our complete comprehensive maintenance solution, Northgate helps manufacturers decrease downtime and enhance productivity by increasing asset performance.

Hardware Break Fix

We professionally service and repair computers and peripherals including monitors, laptops, plotters, scanners, laser printers, inkjet and dot-matrix printers, and other IT equipment.

Machine System Pre-Configuration

Pre-setup configuration helps to enhance production rate and equipment availability by reducing setup time.

Image Pre-loading

A package that performs a specific purpose for end users is referred to as an application. It's a product or program that's solely for the needs of the end user.

Cabling Services

Northgate Technologies offers expert services in planning, design, installation, and maintenance of structured network cable infrastructure that is scalable to your business needs.

Service Monitoring Report Submission

We integrate all of the benefits of cloud and professional monitoring into one product, allowing you to scale your business operation at a fraction of the expense.

LAN/WAN Maintenance

Turn your outdated and dysfunctional computer network into a reliable technology infrastructure. Let us help you trace, organize and fix "spaghetti" wirings and faulty network nodes.

Hardware Inventory Recording

An inventory management system (also known as an inventory system) is a method of tracking items across your whole supply chain, from purchase to production to final sales. It determines how you handle inventory management in your company.

Managed Services

On your behalf, we will provide continuous monitoring, management, and/or issue resolution for chosen IT systems and operations.

Hardware Rental

Looking for a temporary IT hardware solution or have an urgent need for IT gear on a tight budget?

Software and Application Pre-installation

You have no idea what the best software is, or what software you require. Northgate Technology offers pre-Installed software with devices to avoid unwanted malicious installation, and helps your company to spend time and money to this task.

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