Experience the full spectrum of our IT offerings, encompassing a wide array of value-added services and solutions tailored for our esteemed partners and customers. In addition to our comprehensive range of IT products and solutions, we go the extra mile to deliver exceptional value through our specialized services. Elevate your IT experience with our value-added offerings.

IT Consultancy Services

Optimize your business with our expert IT Procurement, Network Design, and Systems Integration services.

Preventive Hardware Maintenance

Extend your computer's lifespan with our meticulous cleaning, troubleshooting, and maintenance services.

Hardware Failure Analysis

Save time and resources with our preventive IT solutions.

Enhanced Service Level Agreement

Partner with us for transparent, officially documented outsourced managed services.

Warranty Upgrade/ Extension

Boost customer confidence with our extended product warranties.

User Training on Product's Basic Features and Troubleshooting

Boost productivity by 40% with our targeted technology training.

System Integration

Transform system integration into a competitive edge with our IT expertise and strategic partnerships.

Customized Support Engagement

Experience the potent combo of our value-rich products and exceptional customer service.

IT Staffing

Overcome IT staffing challenges with our unique recruitment solutions.

Helpdesk Support

Optimize IT operations with our team of qualified specialists.

Technology Update

Unlock new performance levels with our hardware/software upgrades post-acquisition.

Comprehensive/ Non-Comprehensive Hardware Maintenance

Minimize downtime and boost productivity with our comprehensive maintenance solutions.

Hardware Break Fix

Enhance IT performance with our top-tier computer repair and maintenance services.

Machine System Pre-Configuration

Boost productivity and uptime with our preemptive pre-setup configurations.

Image Pre-loading

Dive into bespoke IT with our user-centric applications.

Cabling Services

Transform IT networking with our services in planning, design, and installation.

Service Monitoring Report Submission

Scale your business cost-effectively with our integrated cloud and professional monitoring solutions.

LAN/WAN Maintenance

Upgrade your network with our services, expertly rectifying "spaghetti" wirings and faulty nodes.

Hardware Inventory Recording

Boost efficiency with our cutting-edge inventory management system.

Managed Services

Ensure seamless operations with our steadfast monitoring and management services.

Hardware Rental

Choose us for budget-friendly, prompt IT hardware solutions.

Software and Application Pre-installation

Protect from malicious installations with our pre-installed software solutions.

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