Infrastructure Solutions‚Äč

Unlock the full potential of your IT infrastructure with our comprehensive range of value-added services and infrastructure solutions. In addition to our cutting-edge IT products and business solutions, we provide tailored offerings to assist our partners and customers in enhancing their IT infrastructure. Experience the power of our expertise as we help you optimize and elevate your technology environment.

Power Protection System

Shield your electronics with our comprehensive protection solutions against power surges, spikes, and outages. These electrical inconsistencies, particularly surges and spikes, pose a risk to computer equipment, while power loss can lead to data loss.

Structured Cabling System

Optimize workplace performance with Northgate's structured cabling services. Minimize downtime, enhance functionality, and ensure seamless integration with your workplace architecture. Trust us for high-performing IT infrastructure solutions.

Visitor Management System

Northgate integrates visitor management with access control for enhanced security. Protect your premises and IP. Partner with us for advanced security solutions.

Self Ordering Kiosk

Highlighting the efficiency in daily operations, restaurants and fast-food chains have shown how integral self-service kiosks are. Our IT solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate self-service kiosks to boost operational productivity in the food industry.

Precision Air Conditioning Unit

Enjoy precise temperature control with our advanced air conditioning systems, ideal for data centers requiring meticulous cooling. Secure your IT infrastructure with our reliable cooling solutions - precision cooling is just a click away.

Surveillance Camera System / CCTV

Worried about your organization's safety? Our robust security solutions provide top-tier protection for your properties, resources, and team. Explore our high-level security measures today.

Parking System

Top-tier parking & transportation services for hospitals, hotels, offices, condos, retail centers, and more. Streamlined solutions for all your needs - daily or special events. Rely on us for efficient operations.

Raised Flooring System

Boost your data center with our efficient raised flooring systems for optimal cooling and cable management. Partner with us for smart, space-efficient data center solutions.

Public Announcement System

Discover our top-quality digital audio systems including microphones and amplifiers, ideal for public arenas. Our PA systems guarantee clear sound, regardless of distance or area. Experience superior audio with our comprehensive solutions.

Digital Signage Display

Explore our innovative commercial displays, using the latest technology for sectors like retail, hospitality, and healthcare. From OLED displays and IT products to digital signage and video walls, our tailored solutions cater to your market needs.

Environmental Management System

Join us to minimize your company's environmental footprint while boosting efficiency. Our platform serves businesses and authorities, offering EMS-related resources. Embrace sustainable IT with us, where eco-responsibility meets operational productivity.

Door Access Control

Opt for our advanced access control solutions, including door readers, electric locks, and software for secure premises management. Guarantee entry only to authorized personnel with our top-quality equipment.

Healthcare Solutions

We deliver superior healthcare solutions prioritizing prevention and cure for vulnerable groups. Explore our commitment to empower healthcare with top technology for children, the elderly, and those with chronic illnesses or disabilities.

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