Why Join Our Events

When it comes to honing your skills, the choices are limitless. A book, a whitepaper, an essay,  or a YouTube video, or a podcast are all options. You can also attend a conference. But why would you put up the effort and time to do so? This is a question we’ve posed to those who attend our (online) gatherings.

Keep Updated

Search provides new knowledge and insights. Keeping up-to-date is the number one reason to attend conferences or events. Sharpening the saw, as Stephen Covey calls it, is more important than ever. At our events you will meet other people who are willing to share their knowledge, insights, thoughts and doubts. And you can engage in the discussions and the debates, fueling you with new insights.


When you attend one of our events, you will meet scholars, interested enterprises, and (governmental) groups that are similarly passionate about the topic. The next reason individuals attend our events is to build and develop their networks.